Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Adolescent Left

The leftist program is tailor-made for the narcissist. It promises the narcissistic mind the dream of forcing other people to conform to its own vision. The leftist puts through a government regulation and other people are forced to dance to its tune. He is the puppet master and the great unwashed will be the puppets.

That’s the dream. The dream of the adolescent mind. All the rest – all the programs and entitlements – is a smoke-screen.

On the other hand it’s hard for someone involved in a market system (where the road to success is to better serve other people) to be a narcissist. A system where success involves focussing on other people’s wants will very quickly snap someone out of any reserve of narcissism they may have carried over from adolescence. Every customer is your boss. The narcissist who tries to play puppet master with his customers is going to find himself short of customers in no time.

That’s why leftists hate the market system: It has no use for narcissists; it forces them to grow up.