Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Core Motivation behind Statism

Childhood narcissism - a stage that everyone goes through - is where the child is the centre of the universe and nothing and no one is seen by the child as having an independent existence. Virtually everyone works their way down from the obvious absurdity of that core assumption, but the climb down is staged. The next stage is tribalism. The tribe is a greater 'me'. Individual narcissism is transmuted into tribal narcissism with individuals being emotionally and physically bonded to the tribe. Most societies in human history were tribal. In the non-tribal west, a lot of young people go through a stage of belonging to a gang - vestigial tribalism. But there is another tribe in the modern western society, one that is growing and is not limited to young people. That tribe is The State. The core motivation of Statism is resentment of those who remind the Statist that there are others with an independent existence, of a different mindset, of a different tribe.

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